We are a community that believe this stereotype needs to stop!

For years, the black male figure has suffered the stigma of being ‘Absent’ or a ‘Dead beat’ dad. Even those who do not have children are still given the stigma that they potentially will not be around or will not step up to the parental plate.

Through research, we have even seen that those who are accepted as parents are often considered as ‘part-time’ parents compared to other racial communities.

Through generations, the black male figure’s has suffered and sometime had to adapt to the stigma due to trauma, misguidance and miseducation. Only having these tools to pass down to future generations.

Andre Jones (Founder) created this platform to allow ‘Active Dads’ get the recognition they deserve! Also to equip others with the right tools and focus to remain an ‘Active Dad’.

Through research and personal experiences he believes that the time for change is NOW! Andre and his supporters believe in building a stronger community as well as a positive one, regardless of age, area code, profession, personal background.

Andre and his supporters want to equip all attendees with tools and resources that allow them to be a better version of themselves!