Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is this event only for adults? Can you bring children?
      Children and Adults are welcome. The event was built for everyone to be included and will have stalls providing activities and services for everyone of an independent age.
    • Do children get free entry?
      Children under 2 years will get free entry. Please purchase a free ticket for your free child from Eventbrite. Any child between 3 -16 years will need to purchase a child ticket from Eventbrite.
      Please note ID maybe required as proof.
    • Can you leave the event after you have entered?
      For the safety and security of all attendees. This event will be no re-entry regardless of the situation.
    • Is the event only for men?
      No, we welcome all. As much as the event is aimed at the ‘Black Dad’; the tools and resources provided at the event can be used by anyone.
    • Can I buy tickets on the door?
      Tickets can only be bought from Eventbrite.
    • How do I get a sponsored ticket?
      For those of you who cannot financially commit to the cost of the event (for whatever your reason may be). Please email a chance to be given a sponsored ticket; at no cost to yourself. This will give entry to One Father and One Child. Please give the full name of yourself and your child attending the event. Please also state your reasons for wanting to attend the event, how you feel this event can better you and/or your child and why you cannot financially commit to the ticket price at this time. We may require proof.
    • What happens if I forget my physical ticket?
      You will also get a receipt when you make a purchase. This will have your ticket number and allow us to verify your ticket.
    • Do I need to print my ticket?
      You can either print your ticket, use the Eticket sent to your email or use the Eventbrite app.
    • Do I need ID?
      To verify age of our attendees we may ask for ID. We also will be operating a challenge policy at our bars for sale of alcohol.
    • Do you accept card?
      Almost all our vendors will accept card transactions. We advise you bring cash for those who don’t but there will be very few.
    • Do you have disabled access?
      Disability and wheel chair access is available at the main entrance on Davis Street.  For any further assistance or if you have any special requirements regarding access, please email
    • Can I bring my own food and drink?
      No external food or drink is allowed on site. There will be various companies selling a variety of food and drink on the day. Baby formula is excluded from this and will be allowed on site.
    • I have changed my mind about attending the event, can I get a refund?
      There will be no refunds for this event under any circumstances. If for any reason you are unable to attend the event, please can you let us know at the earliest opportunity so we can use this ticket to sponsor someone who is unable to to financially commit.