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Here at Stand Up Black Dads, we know that we could not do it alone. We understand that to survive life, it takes a village! We give thanks and recognition to our fans, followers and supporters.

As part of our gratitude we would like to share some of the groups, organisations and people that have helped us get where we are today.

Bring It To Life Events

Here we specialise in All inclusive party hire equipment, as well as event and party planning. Some of our services include: Slush machine hire - which offer classic slush and frozen cocktail packages Candy floss machine hire  Popcorn machine hire  Sweet Cart or Ferris wheel hire  Venue and table dressing hire Plus more What helps us stand out from the rest?  Most of our services are offered as an all inclusive service. We do offer some of our service as a dry hire but we have become popular offering our all inclusive services. We provide everything including staff to run the machines and serve your guest so all you have to do is enjoy the event.

DJ Milktray

A London based DJ Milktray has been creating a huge buzz on the UK DJ, Radio, Hosting and Entertainment scene for many years and is highly respected among his peers in the industry. Milktray ran a five year radio show entitled "The Glorious Full Breakfast Show" which featured the Milktray Thought Of The Day and the heart of the show; Milktray's Motivation. Since then he has gone on to do motivational speaking and multiple community projects including a DJ Workshop. Now you can catch him on his new radio platform 'Reach LDN'. The show contains high energy, constant laughter and positivity throughout, with live mixing from up and coming new talent.

Croydon BME Forum

Croydon BME (black & minority ethnic) Forum is the umbrella organisation for Croydon’s Black and Minority Ethnic voluntary and community sector; engaging people, building capacity, and promoting equality and cohesion.  We are a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. The Forum was established to maximise the engagement of BME communities in all aspects of living and working in Croydon.

elledee creations

Our dedicated and experienced team of designers at elledee creations take personal pride in creating quality bespoke pieces of work that works. This includes wedding monograms, website. hardcover wedding invitations and more. Our reputation for creating unique solutions across various sectors is second to none.

Crown MI

Crown MI (Me) is an organisation that creates platforms geared toward the empowerment of Queer Womxn of Colour (QWOC) who require support with their Mental Health. Through the utilisation of safe spaces, honest forms of expression are encouraged to allow womxn to take proud ownership of their mental illnesses in order to take charge of their mental well being. Crown Mi focuses on carrying this objective out with therapeutic assistance that concentrates on breaking down walls and building confidence. Disclaimer: Although Crown MI is aimed at Queer Black Womxn, it is an inclusive organisation for all Womxn of Colour.

Kinks, Kurls and Swirls

Kinks, Kurls and Swirls, we support the care and maintenance of you and your child’s natural hair, by running Master Classes that focus on the most important hair care basics, such as how to successfully comb and detangle the hair, how to part the hair, moisturising skills and developing a good basic plaiting technique.  Being able to plait effectively lays the foundation for experimentation with different and more complex styles such as twisting and corn-rows, which when done properly and with care effectively protects natural hair from damage.   Our Masterclasses are non-gendered (we encourage men and women to attend) who want to learn how to take care of their natural hair, because they are fed up or can’t afford to regular go to the hairdressers or who don’t want to rely on family members or who just want to do their own hair or just gain a new skill set.

Alcindor Law

At Alcindor Law, we specialise in providing legal representation in all matters by experienced and reputable lawyers. We are dedicated to understanding what results you want and to helping you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them. We are committed to providing a friendly, approachable and professional service to all clients regardless of your financial circumstances. We are people first, lawyer's second. Always.

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