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Want to hear some of our views? Well, good thing they were recorded!

Throughout the years we have been fortunate enough to be invited to speak at events or on specific topics. Please click on the tabs below to hear some of the things we have been involved in. 

Keep checking in to see what's new.



Black Dads Magic Podcasts 

A collective of black fathers, discussing what it's like being a black dad in today's society. Exploring the journey of fatherhood, ways to combat negative stereotypes and what we can do to take control of the narrative. Having open and transparent conversations amongst ourselves and various guest around fatherhood. We need to be the change we require. If not now, when? If not us, who?

Positive black dads exists, the time has come to make this the norm. By engaging, empowering and encouraging each other. We might not take each other seriously but what we do take seriously is fatherhood.


The Dads Summit

A webinar for all fathers, those who identify as fathers, and co-parents, to equip and empower you in your parenting journey, whether you have a new born or a tween. 90 minute webinar recording, plus resources handout, for you to watch and read at your leisure.

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